123rf affiliate program

Last year i got accepted at 123rf. Im glad i got accepted, because now i can design stuff.

I had no idea this was available as an income option. I am fairly new to all of this online income producing stuff. Very informative. Thanks.

123RF affiliate program will allow you to use many different banners and links to create fine promotion strategies and refer more customers and photographers to the site.

Fotolia is another great stock photography site that has a really good affiliate program.

These offers have not been verified to work. They are either expired or are not currently valid.

Free Membership with 20 Uploads per Week

5 Free Credits with Email Sign Up

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ATTENTION! We have recently revised our Affiliate Program on 1st June 2014 to boost your money-making efforts, regardless if you are our existing or future partner!

But I Referred Someone Before 1st June 2014?

Donít worry. For those who referred someone before the system overhaul on 1st June 2014, the old rules still apply so you can be assured that your earnings will not be affected.

They also remunerate for referred contributors paying $5 once the contributor has 75 approved photos in their portfolio.

Unfortunately for me, iStockphoto don’t remunerate for referring contributors, who are the target market of this blog. They only remunerate for referring buyers who make purchases. This makes one wonder if iStockphoto are interested in obtaining new contributors or are solely focused on building buyer numbers.

StockXpert’s program is distinct from all the others in that they review your website prior to admitting you to the program. Once your application has been reviewed and your website approved, they require that you insert the banners on your website and again submit your website for review. It’s a long and complicated process relative to the competition, especially when there are 7 day delays in reviewing your website. It’s also a lot more formal that others and doesn’t allow for putting posts in email signatures if you don’t have a website.

Shutterstock provide two separate referral links for referring buyers and contributors. This is consistent with their separation of contributors and buyers who use different subdomains (buyers use www.shutterstock.com and contributors use submit.shutterstock.com). I’m not sure whether the referral cookie will function for both parts of their websites or not, that is, whether you’re credited for someone who eventually signs up as a buyer but followed your contributor referral link.

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Great post Lee, thanks for sharing that information.

This is the part where I shoot myself in the foot. Successful microstock agencies attract contributors because of their reputation for selling lots of photos. They don’t need affiliate programs which pay for referred contributors. iStockphoto is the perfect example of this. Their affiliate program only pays for referred buyers. Unless I’m over-simplifying the situation (and I hope I am), Shutterstock don’t need the generous contributor affiliate program that they have.

Great post Lee. You’re spot on with your evaluations in my humble opinion, particularly with the desirability of sending buyers to the sites instead of potential contributors. As it gets harder and harder for new contributors in the microstock sector to get any traction the returns from referring them will probably become harder to sustain.

Hey I have been looking through the archives and trying to find some info on Crestock. As they still advertise here maybe you can shed some light for many contrib’s that are having issues. Review times of up to 4+ months and several people have waited months on payments. I for one am confused as to why they can have contests, pay for advertising and the blow off the people who provide the content. It would be a nice article and get a lot of traffic if you could get to the bottom of this for all of us! =) Good luck on that because when we (many people) ask for support we get nothing from them. Thanks lee, great stuff as always!