1shoppingcart affiliate program

This online store manager is hosted on state the art servers that guarantee 99.9% uptime. So, any online storeowner looking for a reliable digital shopping cart should seriously consider this product from Web.com. That said, however, the big question that comes to mind is what kind of features are in store for users? If you want to find an answer to this question and learn about other important details, then read this 1ShoppingCart review.

1ShoppingCart may be lacking a few features that users have come to expect from top of the line ecommerce software. However their standout features such as membership tools and the down sell/up sell feature make it a good choice for a subscription based business that needs to handle recurring billing.

If you need a larger plan than the best of 1ShoppingCart plans, you can contact the company and have them build you a custom plan.

There’s no better time to persuade customers to spend more than when they have already decided to make a purchase. With 1ShoppingCart’s up-sell features, you can display special offers that customers can take advantage of in addition to the initial sale. There’s also the option to display down-sell offers if buyers decide to abandon checkout due to high prices. When used appropriately, up-selling and down-selling with 1ShoppingCart can help you to reduce lost sales.

Here you’ll set the default affiliate commission settings. These can be overridden on a product by product basis

Here is where you set your URLs for the individual pages, emails, etc for your affiliate program.

Step 4: Signup Page & Support Center

Step 4: Instructions & Notifications

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  1. Research several commercially available software packages
  2. Pick the best one
  3. Install it on your own server
  4. Configure it to work across multiple websites, for multiple products
  5. That’s it.

Nothing angers an affiliate marketer more than pulling off a successful promotion only to have problems getting credit for the sales.

As simple as I made that sound, it’s actually much more difficult – but the rewards can be huge.

The difficult part about the process is:

I am a 1ShoppingCart customer, how could aMember help me?

If you use this integration, 1ShoppingCart will become a “payment processor” for your aMember installation. After filling-in aMember signup form, user will be redirected to 1ShoppingCart payment page where he will not be able to change products list or counts (shopping cart functionality of 1ShoppingCart is disabled in this case), but he will be able to choose a payment method and pay securely. Once payment is finished, 1ShoppingCart will report sale back to aMember. It also can be used for recurring payments! You can use 1ShoppingCart affiliate program with this integration and it will work. 1ShoppingCart coupons unfortunately will not work in aMember, but these coupons will work fine in 1ShoppingCart.

If you are selling membership/subscription services, you can order aMember Pro (free installation included), and you will have full-featured members management software installed on your website. It will protect files and folders on your website to make it available for paid and not-expired members only, it will provide signup/login/remember password pages for your customers and there is really lot of other unique features. All payments will be processed via 1ShoppingCart website, and your existing affiliate program will work as well.

There is 30-days free trial version available for download. Download aMember Pro Free Trial.

This package costs $299, and the following services are provided:

This is the feature which sets 1ShoppingCart apart from other shopping cart providers. 1ShoppingCart allows you to create targeted email campaigns (also known as autoresponders) based on customer behavior and purchase history. Autoresponders are an effective way to keep customers coming back for more, and with 1ShoppingCart, they are built in! No more headaches of exporting or importing data into an add-on email product. You can create, manage and maintain customer lists of up to 2500 contacts. Simply add or remove addresses, make changes and pull reports based on your customer list to send targeted segmented campaigns. You can track open, bounce and click-thru rates easily. Moreover, you can choose from a large number of customizable email templates or build your own from scratch to align the looks of your emails with your brand identity.

Whether your site needs a few custom tweaks or an entire makeover, 1ShoppingCart designers team can do it all for you. Their professional design team has over a decade of experience in creating unique store designs with custom background & content areas, advanced features like “click to enlarge” and “view related products”, strategic design elements to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO), custom home page designs, and custom newsletter and contact forms to build your mailing list. Different packages are available in this regard ranging from $999 to $3799.