5linx affiliate program

Great detailed blog well done.

The very same guy also strongly encourages new recruits to get 25 customer points in one month, even if you have to buy a ton of product and pay cancellation fees with your current contracts like your phone bill. If you don’t do this, apparently you just aren’t serious about the business. Let me get this straight… if I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on products, pay hefty cancellation fees and recruit friends and family with questionable sales tactics… you are just not serious about building a business.

Look, I do strongly believe in going all in on your dreams and there’s no doubt that you must be 100% dedicated to achieve success. Yes. However, I personally think this approach with this company will just see a lot of people buying products they don’t use and making hardly any money.

You can earn commissions on selling products and services and by recruiting others into the business opportunity, there’s nothing new there. This is how most mlm’s work. The main difference I found with this company is that they have an enormous and somewhat un targeted set of products.

Without an actual product in the mix, the MLM program is in 99% cases a scam/pyramid scheme and while it can earn people money, if it’s based on that type of pyramid scheme system, how can it be legit?

Basically it’s direct sales (network marketing) and MLM combo company that offers people an “opportunity to make money 2 ways:

You can totally become more successful on your own without this company’s “help”.

I work from home at my computer whenever I want and have build a whole business out of it. The company which taught me that is here and I highly recommend it above 5Linx.

As of 2012 they are 2900 on the Top 5000 Inc. list.

The 5linx online shop shipping rip off.

Here is a rough review of 5linx that was very insightful on the fees you have to pay before you can make money. (Warning Profanity)

The quote below from a rep sums up my thoughts on 5linx.

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Enrollment is easy. You just visit your 5LINX Representative’s personal website to review information on the energy industry, how deregulation works, and energy-saving tips. Then you select the competitive offers online (in select markets). The information collected is securely routed to an affiliated energy supplier, which will confirm and process your “switch.”

Before deregulation occurred, both natural gas and electricity were supplied by regional monopolies or local utilities that owned both the power plants and transmission lines for distribution. With deregulation, competitive suppliers are now able to provide a variety of options for terms and rates.

When you choose a competitive supplier, the switch process begins with your enrollment form. Once you complete the form, the Energy Service Company (ESCO) that made the offer will notify your utility company of your choice. You’ll continue to be serviced directly from the local utility company you’ve been using with no service interruptions.

The Energy program provides consumer education about choices and access to competitive supply offers in select deregulated markets. Through the 5LINX® portal, consumers in select deregulated markets can choose an offer through one of our affiliated suppliers.

Glad I could help.

All you have to do is sign up enough people to get your 12 customer points to earn $250. This sounds really easy but is it. 5Linx advises you to sign up your friends and family. This is the same advice that a lot of other MLM companies will give you. I don’t know about you but I would not be comfortable pushing my friends and family into parting with their money for this program.

I am yet to see a get rich quick scheme that actually makes you rich… even slowly. When it comes to making money online there is no overnight success. Training that gets you on the right track, support that is there when you need it not a week later and a free website is the tried and true method of making money online.

Like any MLM program the guys making the money are the ones at the top and those people who are able to recruit large teams. Don’t be misled by the sales pitch that leads you to believe you will make money selling their products. You won’t.

Hi Igor, I’m glad we agree on the merits of Wealthy Affiliate, but I have to say, when it comes to the legitimacy of MLM in general, I have to disagree with you there.

1) You can sell “their” products and services. There’s currently a bunch of them and they sell anything from coffee/tea to health products, security services, credit repair options, TV services and a bunch of other things from a wide range of topics.

3) Most of their sales will come from people buying their expensive membership, not exactly people who recruit others/make sales for the company. This means a lot of people fail in these companies.

2) There is an MLM side of things where if you refer a certain amount of people, you can make money from each and their earnings also make you money. Basically a pyramid type structure, but is it a scheme? We’ll examine that shortly…