7search affiliate program review

Serve ads that live in the copy of your website. Monetize your site while keeping the look and feel of your site the same.

Show targeted rich-media ads on your site.

Display non-intrusive ads zones that are not competitive with your product.

Generate additional income by referring new advertising clients to 7search.

I’ve tested them a bit, but not a lot yet.

I am totally new to this ppc thing. Im also suggested to do PPV. Plz help me with these things. As I was searching for low level entry ad networks. Is 7Seach is ok to start with or anything else you suggest.?

I have just joined as an affiliate. I came through your blogs, its awesome. But as a newbie I am facing some problem. As you mentioned in one of your blog to join 7search, further I have joined as a advertiser but at the very first step, it is asking for company name and URL. I don’t own any company, so what should I fill in that data box.. Suggest Please.

i think i need to try 7 search, hope i luck at 7 search

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Earn by allowing users to search results from the 7search network.

Serve ads that live in the copy of your website. Monetize your site while keeping the look and feel of your site the same.

Serve large volumns of ads to your audience and earn the best commission in the business.

Show targeted rich-media ads on your site.

They have been around for a long while and tried their hands on many different aspects of online marketing with different degrees of success. Today, they may provide good sponsored search engine services but apart from their customized search boxes there is little else that is noteworthy about the website advertisement deals 7Search offers their publishers. Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/. You can leave comments and feedback about this program at our 7Search forum thread.

Founded in 1999, 7Search is one of the earliest Pay per click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Networks that are still functional today. Although they initially focused only on PPC search engine results they now also offer on-site ad options. 7Search is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk. For the purposes of this review we will focus chiefly on the site advertisement options 7Search offers website owners.

To discuss this program or provide feedback on this review, please visit the relevant forum thread linked to below (registration required to post).

7Search customer support is quick and typically responds within 4 hours while their FAQ home is impressively large, with hundreds (literally!) of different FAQs, covering every aspect of the program.

Thank you PeerFly!

PeerFly is an Internet property of Avlo Media Inc. As opposed to other affiliate networks, their tracking system is in-house custom built from the ground up so they don’t depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. PeerFly is rapidly becoming the choice for both publishers and advertisers alike. With an over-all network conversion rate of 8-15% and high EPC’s it actually doesn’t take a genius to see how they differ from their competition! Wait around no further and join PeerFly today!

how can I join peerfly?

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