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Worn by countless members of your audience on a daily basis, Nike items are the pinnacle of performance and timeless style. Everything from sports bras and running shoes to personalized socks and sunglasses can be sourced through this outlet, making it a shopping epicenter for men and women of all ages and sizes. If your web patrons are putting in hours of work to bulk up, slim down, or shave a few minutes off of their run time, the Nike affiliate program is just what they’re looking for.

Get in the Game – Specialty shoes and apparel sold for a variety of sports, including basketball, football, and soccer

This program can easily be marketed to athletes of all skill levels and avid sports fans who want to wear high quality gear on and off the field.

Promoting the Nike affiliate program on your landing page directs your page visitors to the official digital storefront for the multinational manufacturer of stylish athletic shoes, apparel, and much more. Nike has been a cultural icon for decades, sponsoring high-profile athletes and inspiring millions of people to “just do it.”

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Our partners have the dedication and heart of an athlete, a person who puts in the work to better themself. Are you an innovator? Do you inform? Do you inspire others? We’re looking for more partners who:

adidas is one of the world’s largest creators of athletic footwear, sport-centric fashion, and accessories. They believe that the power of sport can change a person’s life for the better. If you have a similar passion then it’s an exciting time to team up with the globally recognized 3-Stripes lifestyle brand. Establishing an adidas partnership means you’ll gain exclusive access to insider info about offers, codes, creatives, product drops and various shopping events throughout the year.

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The combination of Five Ten’s dominant position in the mountain bike, climbing and outdoor footwear industries, adidas' technologies in footwear and apparel combined with AvantLink’s affiliate tools is an unbeatable proposition. Our footwear and apparel appeal to people who love to ride, climb and play outdoors.

Do you have a website or blog related to mountain biking, climbing, trail running, hiking, water, or winter sports? If so, partner with us as an affiliate marketer. When someone clicks our link or banner on your site, you receive a percentage of the final sale. We’ve worked hard to optimize our site for high conversion, which translates to more money in your pocket.

adidas Outdoor, the exclusive US distributor of all adidas Outdoor and Five Ten footwear and apparel in the United States. This means our shoes help keep you on your feet, no matter the terrain and our apparel will support any outdoor adventure. Both adidas Outdoor and Five Ten have a proven history of cutting-edge designs and industry-leading technologies for the athlete in the outdoors.

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This program is designed to introduce the candidates to the highly successful and unique soccer training methods and techniques. Coaches will have an opportunity to attend youth, reserve, and first team games, including dialogs with the professional teams’ top coaches before and after the games.

The former adidas International Training Program extensive catalogue of programs featuring access to the world’s top academies and tournaments such as Real Madrid CF, Chelsea FC, and AFC Ajax, are still available to the customers of generation adidas international. Now, with generation adidas international, premier adidas partners will have access to world-class developmental opportunities with our select training programs, coaching education courses, MLS and MLS Affiliate partnership programs, and generation adidas cup.

This invitation only program is designed for individual soccer players (Boys 98’s and 99’s) who aspire to maximize their soccer potential and want to live out the training regimen of one of the best soccer clubs in the world: Realmadrid Foundation.

I love watching the different coaching styles, I can pick up new things that I can bring back to the US and put into my training sessions. Just being able to see where the top players in the world are able to train and compete I think is fantastic.