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Incentives can be used in two ways: to sweeten the deal for customers and to make sure you receive all the affiliate commissions to which you're entitled. You can offer any free item to your customers in return for him purchasing a product through your affiliate link. For example, you might offer a special report, podcast, ebook or other item for free. This shows that you're focused on offering value and great deals. To track your commissions, compare the commissions in your account with the affiliate product's merchant to the number of customers who have received your bonus. As orders and commissions may not always be counted correctly by the merchant, you have a record of the orders that should have been credited to you.

A steady, increasing stream of traffic to your affiliate marketing website gives you more potential leads to which to market and sell products. The primary way you can increase your traffic level is by setting up a blog -- if you don't already use one for affiliate marketing -- and writing blog posts daily. As you write more content and develop more pages, each of those pages gets indexed in search engines, giving you the opportunity to attract search engine traffic. However, you must offer quality content or advice to develop trust with your visitors and keep them coming back. As the level of traffic to your blog increases, so may your affiliate marketing sales.

Affiliate marketing involves taking a merchant or author's product and promoting it through a special link called your affiliate link. When people purchase the product through this link, you get credit for the sale and earn commissions. Basic affiliate marketing techniques simply rely on finding a popular product and promoting it wherever your affiliate marketing links are allowed. There are more advanced affiliate marketing techniques through which you can achieve success, though these may take some time and effort to build and implement.

The more you understand how activities impact your program, the more you can tailor strategies to focus on what works. For example, if revenue increased following a new product launch, use it as an opportunity to reach out and thank the affiliates, and consider raising the commission or offering a limited-time bonus for the new product.

Another gap analysis you can complete is a competitor review. You can easily search for competitors’ keywords and identify affiliates your closest competitors are working with. Search for the top ranking affiliates per country within the traditional affiliate networks, if possible filtered by segment and country. Some affiliate networks allow you to source an affiliate’s contact details to make reaching out to them easier.

Keeping abreast of new technology means being able to enhance the user experience and improve conversion rates.

It’s important to understand your affiliate networks and their capabilities. Your networks can provide a wealth of useful information, if leveraged correctly.

This week’s episode is all about finding long-term resources that you can offer your audience that will be there for a long time, and hopefully earn you some money for a long time too. I wish you good luck and success on your own affiliate marketing journey—enjoy!

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Anyone who can use a computer and the Internet can make money from home using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers make money by sending traffic to a merchant's website, usually to make a sale. The affiliate uses websites, blogs, social media and email newsletters to drive this traffic and advanced keyword and search engine optimization techniques help boost results.

Any advanced affiliate marketing program should include a robust email marketing effort. This includes keeping a well-maintained list and producing valuable content that users want to receive. These emails should be short and to the point, with catchy subject lines and the most important information in the first third of the post. Google Analytic tools can help affiliate marketers break down the results to find out what kind of messages deliver the best results.

By using advance keyword research techniques, affiliate marketers can find niche products that have a select target market that isn't crowded out by competition from other affiliate marketers. The Google AdWords keyword search shows the level of demand that marketers will pay to be listed with those keywords. Finding keywords with less advertiser demand is a good indication of a niche market. According to the Fresh eVenture website, these products can include e-books, internet services, software and financial services.

Affiliate marketers can get a variety of advanced features from free or pay marketing tools available online. Some tools are browser plug-ins and offer such features as advanced keyword research, website link analysis or automation of tasks like email list maintenance. Affiliate marketers can use these services to boost the search engine results of fresh website and blog content, while social sharing buttons asking users to "like" the content on popular social media sites also delivers results.

When choosing affiliate products to promote, you want to pick products that cost more so that you make a higher commission per sale, however, in order to ensure your business is sustainable and remains profitable, you need to have a whole range of products at different price points.

*It’s important to note that the higher dollar products not only satisfy the customer who only wants the best, but it also allows you to sell less product, because you only need a few sales to earn big money. This is where top affiliates focus their time and energy.

Why is this so important? Because your target audience has 1) different comfort levels of spending, 2) if one of your products goes belly-up, you still have dozens of other products to sell at different price points, and most importantly (3), customers that are able to afford all different price points can be pushed up the “profit ladder,” which means you are able to get them to continue buying increasingly more expensive products.

These advanced affiliate marketing techniques will help you sustain a profitable affiliate business with multiple streams of income. Remember, before getting into any affiliate program, always do your research and read reviews from successful affiliates who have, “been there, done that and got the t-shirt.” Start small and build from there. If you would like to have access to more information on how we started in the internet marketing business, click here.