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I have an impression that all answers here are related to ďgeneralĒ affiliate tracking software not the one that is used to build an affiliate cash back site. Thy all lack important functionality such as:

Keitaro can be used for CPA offers, contact collecting, app installs and direct sales:

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Hi Sir Harsh I registered but I can’t receive call to verify my account pin as the final registration step

“It’s Okay to use the company name until we spoil their brand. So the I moved forward to purchase them. ”

I assume by now you have signed up for the Amazon Associates program. If not, go do it now. (This is for Amazon U.S. Store)

Usually, logos are copyrighted, but no brand create an issue as long as another party is using to help them. In your case, there will be no problem.

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For a new brand or small- to medium-sized retailers, there are certainly benefits to working with loyalty sites. There is exposure to a large, established audience of consumers. eBates alone has over eight million members. And when you launch on these loyalty sites, oftentimes youíre included in an email that goes out to their member base, which can generate quite a bit of traffic in my experience. Also, if you donít have the technology to manage coupon codes or discounts, a cash-back offer from a loyalty site could help convert undecided shoppers. I have run campaigns with loyalty sites where 60 percent of responses are from new customers.

Loyalty sites fund the incentive ó such as cash, points, or miles ó through commissions earned as one of your affiliates. Well-known examples of loyalty sites include eBates, which offers cash back to its members for their purchases, and GoodShop, which donates a percentage of purchase to the consumerís chosen cause. There are shopping portals associated with major airlines, such as AAdvantage eShopping, which provides consumers with American Airlines miles on every qualifying purchase.

Additionally, regardless of the size of your brand, a new consumer who comes to you via a loyalty site will likely have a lower lifetime value than a one that comes through other channels. That’s because you are sharing that consumer with the loyalty site. You will probably never have full ownership over that consumer since you will likely pay commissions to the loyalty site on every future purchase that the consumer makes on your site. Once the consumer realizes they can get cash back on their purchases with you, he will always opt to receive cash back instead of paying full price. This is why you canít compare loyalty sites to coupon campaigns. If you win consumers over because you deeply discounted their initial purchase via a first-time coupon or similar offer, thereís still a chance that they will come back and complete a future purchase at full price. However, if those consumers are won over because of receiving cash back from a loyalty site, they will likely complete all future purchases via that loyalty site, in my experience.

However, sometimes the consumer doesnít even need to leave the checkout process to earn her cash back. Some loyalty sites incorporate a toolbar or browser button that alerts consumers if they are eligible to earn cash back on their purchase. Whenever the consumer is on a site where she can earn cash back, the browser button alerts her to the earning opportunity, and the consumer can click the browser button to set the loyalty siteís affiliate cookie, without ever leaving the retailerís site. Many see this as an unsavory practice, because it hijacks the consumer midway through her shopping experience, forcing the retailer to pay commission when the loyalty site didnít do anything to drive the traffic. If you decide to work with loyalty sites, be sure to research if they have this type of tool available to their members. If so, be sure to opt out of participating in the tool. Not only does the tool hijack inbound traffic from other affiliates, but it also hijacks direct loads (consumers who visit your site directly by typing your URL into the browser address bar).