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Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods.

eLitius is a free software package that allows a person to easily create and manage his own Affiliate Program, recruit affiliates, track visitors and sales.

Instead of paying for advertising, vendors who use affiliate program pay commissions only when promotion results in an actual sale.

Affiliate marketing using one website to drive traffic to another. Affiliate Marketing is a form of online marketing which is frequently overlooked by advertisers.

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To build a successful affiliate program for your business, you need a good affiliate tracking software that is designed to track every aspect of your affiliate program. Choosing the right affiliate tracking software is not easy, since there are various different tracking software and services being offered at a competitive price. The best rule to follow is to find the program that will cater all your affiliate business needs, while at the same time keep your expense at the minimum.

What you seek most often from an affiliate tracker is the affiliate performance reports. You will always need the performance reports to monitor your affiliates and partners on a regular basis. With these reports, you will be able to see which campaigns are good and profitable, and which campaigns are bad and not profitable. The more detailed the reports, the better it will be for your business, since a detailed report will give you a better picture about your affiliate business. The best affiliate tracking program will provide you with the most detailed reports for your affiliate's performance.

Affiliate program software can help build powerful affiliate programs or networks. Here is a list of leading products with their price, various tracking and management features.

Payment integration is the most important aspect of a good software. The more compatible it is with many available payment processors, the better. A tracking software with only a limited payment integration option will usually get you stuck in the middle, since you cannot flexibly change your payment processor when the need arise. When this happens, you will be forced to switch into another software that will be able to cater your business needs better.

Full-featured affiliate tracking & management solution that is custom-tailored to work with your SKU-based ordering system. Learn more about MyAP Enterprise

Designed to enrich and simplify online advertising. Accommodates many-years expertise of top ad networks with cutting edge innovations. Learn more about Orangear

A comprehensive affiliate tracking platform with analytics, notifications, and more. Learn more about Everflow

Affiliate tracking solution that supports customised commission payouts and offers extensive marketing features. Learn more about iDevAffiliate

The iDevAffiliate Standard Edition is available for $149, but there is also the Gold ($249.99), Platinum ($349.99) and Black ($399.99) editions, depending on your needs. If you don’t want to purchase the software, you can lease it for a monthly fee.

After being founded by twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown in 2009, this white-labeled affiliate tracking software has become an industry leader thanks to being innovative and featuring a system that is reliable, scalable, and flexible. Some of the standout features include a two-way API, unlimited amount of affiliates, fraud protection, dedicated solutions option, a mail room, and the ability to convert currencies.

This cloud-based tool also comes equipped with a wide range of features, such as:

As soon as you’re signed up, Lead Dyno automatically creates an Affiliate Sign Up page for you so you can begin to receive traffic from affiliates. You’ll also get your own hosted and customizable page that can track visitors, leads, and customers – you can even track your AdWords campaign. Other interesting features include the easy-to-use recruitment program that invites people to join your network via an email invitation.

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