Affiliate marketing 2015 trends

Native ads — advertisements that are consistent with the look, voice, and style of the platform they appear on — will eventually crowd out banner ads. Marketers are increasingly leveraging social media like Instagram Stories to show ads in ways that users hardly recognize (or mind) as ads.

Kevin Edwards, Global Client Strategy Director of AWIN , put it this way: “Data will continue to underpin the channel’s success. When one of the world’s most important marketers bemoans the state of digital marketing as opaque and lacking transparency, it sends a clear signal about the opportunity for affiliate marketing. P&G’s chief marketing officer made that statement earlier in 2017 and it should be a lightbulb moment for us about positioning the channel as the foremost, results-driven opportunity available to digital marketers. This can only be achieved if we get better at sharing significantly more data to facilitate a more three-dimensional and qualitative view of affiliate marketing beyond last click. Lifetime value holds the key to building a more rounded view of the power of affiliates to deliver quality customers.”

If you’re considering building your technology in-house, be sure you weigh the pros and cons. You just might find that using an out-of-the-box solution gives you a solid foundation on which to expand and customize your platform.

It’s nothing new that the industry is moving toward mobile, with 50% growth last year alone in mobile purchases. The real focus of 2018 will be how to integrate mobile with the rest of the customer journey, so advertisers can better understand customers, re-engage, and avoid wasting retargeting efforts.

Affiliate marketing is more of brand building and email marketing these days, and it has outgrown over thin content sites that are built to rank for standalone keywords.

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For example, this Thrive Leads review and SEMrush tutorial are arguably the most comprehensive you'll find anywhere online.

And high open rates will continue to be based strongly on who the email is from and less on the subject line.

Many big name retailers with popular affiliate programs are already getting on board with their international affiliate programs. Companies like Retailmenot and ShopStyle have gained quite a bit of traction in their international efforts.

Last year the affiliate marketing industry celebrated its 20 th birthday. With the 21 st year of the affiliate industry well underway, quite a lot has changed since the days of PC Flowers & Gifts. Given this nature of change, affiliate marketers are continually looking to gauge which current or future trends will carry the most weight in their affiliate campaigns

For the first time, 2014 saw mobile commerce outperform traditional ecommerce. This spike in mobile traffic is of course going nowhere and 2015 is projected to be another first as industry experts say overall mobile traffic will surpass that of desktop.

As affiliate platforms become more sophisticated, greater data is being pulled to show the value added by key affiliates. Armed with this data, affiliate programs are free to augment their current campaigns to provide more worth to the overall affiliate population. In the same fashion, this data can also bring to light affiliates who are underperforming.

Look for other merchants to begin expanding their relationships with these types of nontraditional affiliates through storefront programs in 2015.

We’ve all heard how important mobile is to any digital marketing strategy, and affiliate marketing is no exception. In 2014 the growth of mobile commerce outpaced the overall growth of e-commerce. In 2015, overall mobile traffic is set to exceed desktop traffic. And on ShareASale, one of the major affiliate networks, 25-30% of traffic and 15-18% of orders on Cyber Monday came from mobile devices in 2014.

Merchants who are expanding their product and service offerings to other countries are looking to evolve their affiliate programs along with them. Differences in regulations, the agency/network landscape, and attribution from country to country create challenges, but they aren’t insurmountable.

Gone are the days when merchants treat affiliate marketing as a second-class channel. Smart marketers are managing their affiliate programs more effectively, identifying high-value partners and rewarding those that bring new customers to the table.

In Marissa’s opinion, mobile is an area where affiliate marketers took huge leaps forward in 2017.

Trey also states that affiliates want independence.

He also picks Ecommerce as a clear trend.

The love comes from the amazing targeting abilities.

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“Affiliate marketing is dying”

They’re working with the vendors to create unique products. They are fulfilling out of the States, so the customers don’t have to wait weeks.