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If you get a ban on Google AdWords for promoting a single affiliate link, it may affect your future relationship with this advertising platform. Therefore, itís prudent to provide content that is of high quality and valuable to your visitors.

Google wants to portray itself as a source of truth when it comes to delivering credible search results. In essence, Google doesnít like affiliates because some affiliate marketers have a tendency of tweaking ad copy or messages to attract customers. This is regardless of whether the information is true or not.

Promoting your affiliate marketing website on Google AdWords is a lucrative online venture for smart internet marketers who know how to generate leads without violating the policies of AdWords.

Most affiliates make the mistake of building squeeze pages with unsubstantiated facts or claims in order to attract visitors. That is why, as an affiliate, you should steer clear of promoting offers or products that seem just too good to be true.

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CPA and affiliate marketing can be more profitable but it depends on what you are promoting. You also don’t need as much traffic – just targeted traffic. Some high converting affiliate offers have payouts in the thousands of dollar ranges.

The affiliate marketing vs. AdSense issue is mainly pertinent for those starting out in internet marketing, or those running a blog and are wondering how to use it to make some cash. There are pros and cons for each of these quite different ways of monetizing a blog or website.

Never use AdSense on your affiliate marketing pages. You will potentially earn much more from a click on an affiliate link than on an advert. If you publish any clickable link on a page also containing a link to an affiliate pre sales or sales page, then you are diluting your potential income from that page. Why pass up the chance of a $47 sale to get a 20 cent click on an AdSense ad? That is not an exaggeration, yet some people do that!

Login into your account and pick the right advertisers. Don’t forget to check the Promotions page in the platform to find out the best deals that could help you get started with a Google campaign.

Careful when copying the affiliate link. You want to add https: in front of it, in the Tracking Template field.

First of all, you need an affiliate link generated in the affiliate program that you want to promote. For this you have to go to the TOOLS section:

Are you already are familiar with Google Adwords and are willing to start a campaign with a small budget? We suggest you go for a niche online store in order to keep your costs low. Here you can see other tips and tricks from the network’s top affiliates that do affiliate marketing with Adwords.

NFL coach Mike Singletary made that phrase famous, and most affiliate marketers just wish Google would “just show us what is OK” instead of subjective guidelines that make affiliates guess at exactly what kind of “unique content” they need to somehow generate in order to stick around on Adwords long-term.

Those who get to work will be reaping dividends.. no different than when the initial slap stuff started happening in 05-06.

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It is NEVER a good idea to give your keyword data to affiliate networks. They are higher on the revenue chain than you are and have fatter profit margins, thus they can bid you out of the market. Some tools like Prosper202 allow you to host your own data.

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Be sure to choose your location and industry, and connect your AdWords PPC account for the most accurate results and tons of actionable competitive data:

To overcome these challenges, you need to quickly uncover profitable keyword niches before the competition can get to them.

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