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Please look through the best top mobile offers of the week. Stay tuned!

English is a world language now. To work in digital you must be fluent in it. But it’s not so easy — learn a foreign language and feel like a duck in water. So, AdCombo is going deeper! We’d like to give you a chance to communicate easily with all our managers and other local…

Please look through the best top mobile offers of the week. Stay tuned!

A couple of months ago AdCombo has launched a project LET’S MAKE A DEAL. You give us a case study and we pay for it! The project is still on, so you are up to get free money! So, meet the case how to make money with Body Armour on Facebook Ads! SUMMARY Network: AdCombo…

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Below are the commission rates per sale of Amazon associates.

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Tip – You can add more admins in your channel just as the “WhatsApp Group” feature.

You are now required to sign-in using your Yahoo email account in order to provide us with feedback and to submit votes and comments to existing ideas. If you do not have a Yahoo ID or the password to your Yahoo ID, please sign-up for a new account.

I want all my lost access yahoo account 'delete'; Requesting supporter for these old account deletion; 'except' my Newest yahoo account this Account don't delete! Because I don't want it interfering my online 'gamble' /games/business/data/ Activity , because the computer/security program might 'scure' my Information and detect theres other account; then secure online activities/ business securing from my suspicion because of my other account existing will make the security program be 'Suspicious' until I'm 'secure'; and if I'm gambling online 'Depositing' then I need those account 'delete' because the insecurity 'Suspicioun' will program the casino game 'Programs' securities' to be 'secure' then it'll be 'unfair' gaming and I'll lose because of the insecurity can be a 'Excuse'. Hope y'all understand my explanation!

We have made changes to increase our security and have reset your password.

Can Yahoo develope the option for Images to be viewed as a slideshow? It would help instead of having to scroll through each image and make this Yahoo experience more enjoyable. Thank you for your consideration.

There are first customers of Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace who have already entered the ICO sphere and also the ones who are planning to take these steps and work on CPA model. The second wave will likely bring the advertisers of such verticals as games, gambling, dating but with the distribution of cryptocurrency among the population and recognition of it as the official payment instrument in the majority of the countries, most likely, ICO will attract also other players of the market, such as the largest e-commerce stores, airlines, travel aggregators.

Essentially, all players of the market need one platform where both advertisers with publishers and trackers can coexist. A kind of the decentralized marketplace of the future where every advertiser can connect to the system, choose a tracker to monitor all the made actions, and publisher who can begin his work directly with the advertiser, without mediation of CPA network, with no fear of deception by network and be sure that he will definitely receive the earned money as all financial conditions between the parties are guaranteed by smart contract on the basis of a blockchain.

A new player that has already conquered a big niche at the market is tracker. Of course, trackers cannot provide the advertisers with all the services of a CPA network. But they allow advertisers to save up money as no payment to the network is required and at the same time trackers perform their primary function – tracking of the action. One of the oldest players among trackers is Hasoffers. Hasoffers has proven itself as reliable tracker that enabled the advertisers to launch lots of campaigns. In the last couple of years new players such as Performance Horizon, Impact Radius, CAKE appeared at the market. And it is important to say that now most of the CPA networks integrate the advertisers not directly but via trackers.

2017 is a landmark year for blockchain technology: the growth of cryptocurrency is incredible, the tech start-ups are raising millions of dollars in ICO and hype about blockchain technology is now everywhere. However, when we come across a next record high of Bitcoin, usually we forget what is at the core of it – the essence of blockchain technology. The term blockchain refers not only to cryptocurrencies. The essence of this technology underlies a fundamentally different approach of the data processing. Fast speed of data processing, high level of protection and open access to the system – all these give us the right to say that cryptocurrency ecosystem is the future!

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The Federal Trade Commission today approved a final rulemaking on affiliate marketing that provides consumers with an opportunity to “opt out” before a person or company uses information provided by an affiliated company to market its products and services to the consumer. The final rule implements section 214 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, which amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The final rule generally prohibits a person from using certain information received from an affiliate to make a solicitation to a consumer about the person’s products or services, unless the consumer is given notice and a reasonable opportunity and a reasonable and simple method to opt out of the making of such solicitations, and the consumer does not opt out. The final rule applies to information obtained from the consumer’s transactions or account relationship with an affiliate, the consumer’s application, and credit reports and other third-party sources. The final rule also implements the statutory exceptions to the notice and opt-out requirement. The appendix to the final rule contains model forms to facilitate compliance with the notice and

The final rule will be published soon and can be found on the Commission’s Web site as a link to this press release. The Commission vote authorizing the publication of the final rule and Federal Register notice was 5-0. (FTC File No. R411006).

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