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Special Announcement:¬ The certification and monitoring of batterer intervention programs by the Department of Children and Families is no longer required as a result of legislation adopted by 2012 Legislature and approved by the Governor.

Although the role of the Department of Children and Families as it relates to the regulation of batterer intervention programs was eliminated on July 1, 2012, many requirements in current law remain the same.

For further details of the changes, please consult Chapter 2012-147, Laws of Florida or contact the Domestic Violence Office at 850-717-4073

Examples of forms that may be used by providers:

In Florida, the Battererís Intervention Program (BIP) is a 6 month intensive program designed and monitored by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The participant must also sign a contract, admit responsibility for his or her acts, and follow strict rules and procedures as outlined by the programís administrators. Violation of Batterer Intervention Program rules and procedures can result in a participantís immediate expulsion from the program.

To commence the Florida Battererís Intervention Program, participants will first undergo an initial assessment, which is described by the Department of Children and Families as a ‘psychosocial’ evaluation to determine if [participants] will benefit from mental health or substance abuse treatment programs prior to or concurrent with batterer intervention.Ē

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter with severe penalties. If you have been accused, contact an attorney immediately.

All services free and confidential

These trained individuals are the core of DVIP’s volunteer program. They answer crisis lines, perform emergency intakes, facilitate support groups, provide advocacy in a variety of settings, and provide information and referrals to victims of domestic violence.

Volunteer Victim Advocate

All services are free and confidential

Court Ordered Classes is a member of Theft Prevention Professionals .

Court Ordered Classes is a member of American Probation and Parole Association.

Court Ordered Classes is a member of California Partnership To End Domestic Violence.

About Court Ordered Classes

Anyone who has been the victim of a sexual crime needs compassion, sensitivity, and caring. Dealing with the feelings and issues resulting from the crime can be overwhelming and confusing. Services including hotline, crisis intervention and advocacy are available to you free of charge from your local certified rape crisis center.

Domestic violence can affect anyone. If you are a victim of abuse, you are NEVER to blame - it is NOT your fault. The abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and economic or a combination of many types of abuse. Committing domestic violence is a choice made by the abuser!

FloridaHealth Across the State

You may be experiencing domestic violence if your partner is doing any of these or other unwanted behaviors:

Pensacola, FL 32501

Main Office/Mailing Address:

Gainesville, FL 32605

Brooksville, FL 34601

Support community-based domestic violence services; promote coalition building at the local, state, and federal levels; conduct certification and evaluation of the state's domestic violence centers and batterers intervention programs; provide resources to local communities; identify and improve service quality and performance; promote public awareness and education initiatives; develop and direct policy; and provide information and technical support to public and private agencies.

Identify public and private community-based organizations, such as the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys' Association, Supreme Court, local law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to develop curriculum and conduct training on domestic violence issues.

  • Program Office Web Page

    Develop and implement three-year plan for Violence Against Women (VAWA) STOP formula grant to the states; work with community partners on identifying and applying for competitive VAWA grant opportunities; define services to purchase under the grants, and formulate performance measures for grant-funded contracts.

  • Education
    1. Governor's Public Awareness and Education Initiatives

      Analyze and report on a variety of statistical data relating to domestic violence program activities. Specific data is collected from the certified domestic violence centers and batterers intervention programs, and other private providers that receive funding from the Domestic Violence Program.

    2. Report to the Legislature

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  • Prevention and Referral Services Batterer Intervention Special Announcement:¬ The certification and monitoring of batterer intervention programs by the Department of Children and Families is