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The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content. You can apply to join the YouTube Partner Program from your account in Creator Studio.

You currently need to be in YPP to use some monetization-related features. When YPP eligibility requirements are updated on February 20, 2018, only channels that are in YPP will continue to have access to these features:

You can use the Overview tab to see how long viewers watch your content:

In preparation for live classes, students watch prerecorded content created by University faculty in collaboration with 2U content strategists. Together, DU professors and the 2U team develop content that is custom-made for the online program, ensuring that all content takes advantage of the latest available technologies. 2U also partners with the University to produce video content while DU faculty members write and deliver all content.

The University of Denver (DU) has partnered with 2U Inc. to power and support MBA@Denver. Founded in 2008 by a team of education and technology veterans, 2U enables leading colleges and universities to deliver their high-quality degree programs online to qualified students anywhere.

Course content does not consist simply of recorded lectures, but is an interactive learning experience. Coursework includes video case studies, discussions between professors and students, dynamic faculty presentations and interactive elements in which professors can see students’ progress and leave comments and feedback leading up to the live class session.

DU works with 2U to identify and reach the most qualified candidates around the world. 2U’s marketing and recruiting efforts support DU’s goal of finding students who are not only qualified for our accredited online program but who are most likely to succeed in it. 2U also provides an online application and application management system, which ensures a seamless process for applicants and for the faculty and staff who review candidates. The DU admissions team reviews applications and makes all admission decisions.

We have made changes to increase our security and have reset your password.

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We appreciate your feedback on how to improve Yahoo Search. This forum is for you to make product suggestions and provide thoughtful feedback. We’re always trying to improve our products and we can use the most popular feedback to make a positive change!

Dive deep into a topic area you love during a multi-session course, discover a new passion at a one-night lecture, or gain insights into important issues of the day through panel discussions. We're opening the doors to the University of Denver and giving you access to courses designed specifically for adult learners. It's time to dedicate a moment to your own personal fulfillment and invest in lifelong learning. Ready to join us?

The Enrichment Program connects the intellectually curious adult to DU's outstanding faculty, facilities and programming, and Denver's rich cultural community through non−credit classes. With adult education offered through short courses, lectures, seminars, weekend intensives, and evening classes, you can explore a wide range of subjects: from history and contemporary issues to science, literature and the arts—without the pressures of exams, grades or admission requirements.

"I have taken over 20 DU Enrichment courses over the past ten years and they have all been exceptional. There is an endless variety of courses offered each year and the opportunity to learn from DU's distinguished faculty and guest professionals is unmatched."

Lifelong learning in the Enrichment Program allows you to discover a new interest or reengage in an old one, discuss favorite subjects with peers and scholars, explore current events, or deepen appreciation of the arts. Center your studies on what interests you. Whatever your motivation, this innovative, non-credit program is sure to stimulate your mind and reawaken your curiosity—all for the love of learning!

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mountain Time

*If your study abroad program includes housing, you will be charged for DU housing. If your study abroad program includes meals, you will be charged for DU meals.

For DU Partner Programs, you are billed for meals and housing based on whether these are provided by your study abroad program, not according to where you live while in Denver. If your program does not include housing and/or meals, you wont be billed for these at DU but note that you will still need to budget for these expenses, as you will need to pay for them in country.

Students are eligible to receive their merit scholarships, institutional need-based grants, and federal and state aid (to exclude the work award) to help pay for DU Partner programs. The billing and financial aid disbursement occurs as if you were on campus, regardless of your program start date.

For more information about copyright and fair use, please visit our Copyright Center.

These guidelines are provided solely for educational purposes and do not constitute legal advice. You should seek legal advice from a lawyer or legal representative.

These guidelines help keep YouTube a great community for users and advertisers. Content that violates Community Guidelines is not eligible for monetization and will be removed from YouTube. Other potentially offensive content that falls short of violation may be age-restricted. In addition, your YouTube account may receive strikes, and repeated violations may result in suspension of your YouTube partnership and/or account.

Heres a quick overview of each major policy, but make sure you read each policy thoroughly as well.

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By partnering with 2U Inc., the University of Denver can deliver their high-quality education online to students anywhere. Read more about 2U's services.