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IBM Certification Program

Acquiring skills to identify and meet client requirements is essential in IT today - but validating those skills allows your customers to see up-front that you have the expertise to deliver what they need.

IBM Professional Certifications validate that IBM Business Partners have developed the sales, installation and support skills needed to cope within an increasingly complex marketplace. Our customers want the IBM Business Partners they select to have certified skills, and IBM wants to ensure that IBM Business Partners provide customers with the most qualified sales and technical support teams possible.

PartnerWorld silver, gold and platinum membership levels can be earned by obtaining verifiable skills.

*IBMid - это единый ID и соответствующий ему пароль, используемые в пределах сайта

Спектр преимуществ очень широк: от обучения до поддержки в процессе маркетинга и продаж. Преимущества, предоставляемые участникам PartnerWorld, призваны помочь им выполнить растущие требования клиентов и добиться поставленных бизнес-целей.

Том Хьюз (Tom Hughes) - Директор по стратегическому партнерству, Ciber

" Программа IBM PartnerWorld предоставляет компании Ciber преимущества для дальнейшего развития бизнеса, отмечая ее успехи в разработке ценных решений для заказчиков. "

Implement and deploy your IBM based solutions with our reliable infrastructures.

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Gain access to a portfolio with the depth and breadth to expand your expertise.

As a Business Partner, you become part of the IBM PartnerWorld ecosystem designed to help you achieve new levels of success.

An analysis of the cloud infrastructure services market from Canalys has highlighted an opportunity for partners with the right .

For all its virtues, the hybrid cloud model can create a number of cloud cost optimization and management headaches for customers.

Red Hat partners with Supermicro on first turnkey storage package, bundling Gluster Storage software, server hardware and support.

With just a few weeks to go there are still plenty of customers that could do with the channel's help when it comes to being on .

Discover how to extract maximum value from your data with modern storage infrastructure.

Information on Storage

Information on Servers

IBM Business Partners

“Our passion is around dramatic improvements to our partner experience across every facet of your engagement with IBM, but when it comes to integrity, trust and compliance, we will never waiver on our dedication and vigilance across our ecosystem business model.

And one way that it is doing this is through being transparent on its client segmentation, which involves three global market segments -- industrial (top 900 global IBM-led accounts), enterprise (14,000 accounts that are co-led with partners and IBM representatives) and commercial (170,000 clients that are owned by business partners).

“We invest US$80 million per year in our co-marketing program, with over 25,000 partners globally, leveraging this with 12,000 marketing programs that generate US$4 billion in pipeline - but over the past six months, we’ve made great strides in reducing this complexity,” Teltsch said.

"No transformation is ever easy, but we’re confident that building this next generation ecosystem will offer partners great opportunities for growth," he said.

The award recognizes Perficient for its Immersion Solution, a migration-as-a-service for the IBM Bluemix® platform that boosts in-cloud application development efficiency nearly 40% over standard migration practices.

When it comes to IBM software product implementation, we are second to none. We are part of a select group of elite Platinum Business Partners who can sell and service across all IBM software brands, which allows us to deliver comprehensive, industry-focused and business-aligned solutions. We are an award-winning, certified Software Value Plus solution provider.

The award recognizes Perficient for its Health Analytics Gateway, a robust solution that expands on IBM Information Management to create an intuitive, easy-to-use framework that helps healthcare organizations generate results from data immediately.

The Beacon Award recognizes Perficient for its Watson-based predictive modeling solution for patient readmissions, designed to better identify patients in need of interventions and ultimately reduce readmission rates.

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Let the IBM Partner Network equip your IT company with resources, new product info, and connections to IBM business partners to help your company excel.