Parent partner programs

Education is provided to allow families the opportunity to learn about their child’s diagnosis and to access the community resources that are available to them. In addition, support groups are offered monthly as a way to share information and support other parents who are experiencing similar challenges.

“My Parent Partner believed in me. She helped me understand my son’s mental health diagnosis and the wraparounds help everyone come together with a plan on what was best for my son and my family based on our strengths and our families goals. I always felt like part of the team.” – Mary

Parent Partners are parents of children with special needs who work with the family to identify strengths, concerns, and barriers. The relationship between the family and the Parent Partner is dynamic, with a sense of trust and connection knowing that each has experienced similar emotional circumstances. Together, they bridge the gap between providers and the family; access services based on the child’s needs; and work with schools to foster the child’s academic and social success.

The CEBC is funded by the California Department of Social Servicesaˆ™ (CDSSaˆ™) Office of Child Abuse Prevention and is one of their targeted efforts to improve the lives of children and families served within child welfare system.

Because Parent Partner Programs for Families Involved in the Child Welfare System have been expanding throughout California, it is important to determine whether there is evidence of their effectiveness. By reviewing current research on this practice, it is hoped that there are programs being supported by research, and that by including this on the CEBC, future research will be encouraged.

3 - Promising Research Evidence

Identify what’s in place and what’s needed to support parent partners in your organization.

A consolidated list of the tools, publications, sample program materials, and other resources presented throughout the Navigator.

Child welfare agencies are turning to parent partner programs as a powerful approach to family engagement and empowerment. Through these programs, parents with experience in child welfare provide mentoring and support to other parents who are entering the system.

Form a design team, select a program model, and begin shaping the program infrastructure to support effective peer-to-peer support. Domain 2 includes the following components:

Arizona Partnership for Children

Alliance member programs partner with families to provide home-based support for pregnancy, child development, parenting, and community resource information. All services are offered at no cost to families. Serving families throughout Maricopa County including: Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, El Mirage, Queen Creek, Anthem, Tolleson, Wickenburg, Guadalupe, and Litchfield Park.

The First years of your child's life lay the groundwork for future success!

Expecting Parents or Families with a

Smooth Way Home provides home visiting services to families who are transitioning from the newborn intensive care unit back home to their community. Home visitors offer families developmental guidance in caring for their baby, emotional support, and help in accessing community resources. Services include: helping parents learn about child development (including what to expect and when to be concerned); providing emotional support for parents dealing with the trauma and stress of their child’s NICU stay (including screening and education of Perinatal Mood Disorders); and facilitating access to community resources. Families within Maricopa County, whose infant spent time in the NICU and would benefit from additional support are eligible for these services. Services are provided for infants under 8 months old adjusted age, and who are currently ineligible for the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP).

Newborn Intensive Care Program provides in-home community health nursing services to assist families of premature newborns. Any baby who spent at least five days in a Level II or Level III Nursery qualifies to have home visits from a community health nurse or nursing support specialist through the Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP).

The First years of your child's life lay the groundwork for future success!

Early Head Start offers both a Home-Based program, and a Center-Based program, each program incorporates an individualized approach to high-quality services for low-income pregnant women and children under age three. Pregnant teens, parenting teens, and their children receive support and guidance from Early Head Start staff to become self sufficient. Early Head Start has activities that include but are not limited to weekly home visits; child development education; comprehensive prenatal and postpartum health care; breastfeeding education; active learning experiences; twice a month socialization events for the Home-Based children and families; parenting guidance and education; services for special needs children, and assistance accessing community resources to help both the children and their families with any concerns.

Parent partner programs bring together parents currently in the child welfare system with parents who were involved with the child welfare system in the past and succeeded in executing their case plan and being reunited with their children. The mentorship that parent partners provide brings hope, realistic expectations, support, and guidance to parents working toward reunification.

In this podcast, listen to members of the Iowa Department of Human Services, along with Children & Families of Iowa, who helped institute and expand the State's parent partner program. A veteran parent partner is also featured and provides insight on recruiting and retaining parent partners.

Parenting Partners™ focuses on three key outcomes—

Parenting Partners™ Parent Workbook (64 pages) in English and Spanish.

Our bilingual staff then supports your team through every phase: Inviting parents, leading the workshops, evaluation, and planning for the next series of workshops.

“I am going to say it in Spanish because it is my first language. I never had any parents to teach me how to be a father. Now this is a grand opportunity for me to take this to my house, to my children and everyone who is around me.”

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Parent partner programs The First years of your child's life lay the groundwork for future success! ?? Call 602-633-0732 Partner Programs Early Head Start offers both a Home-Based