Partner abuse intervention program chicago

PAIP is an approved IDHS program.

Guardian Angel Community Services, Joliet Illinois

Anyone who has committed an act of domestic violence is encouraged to join the group.

For more information or questions about the Partner Abuse Intervention Program please contact Donna Plier, Program Manager at (815) 729-0930 ext. 1330 or

The Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) at HAS offers group and individual counseling that helps participants recognize and understand their abusive behaviors and refrain from engaging them. The primary goal of the program is to prevent violence and abuse with intimate partners and family members. PAIP is offered to both men and women and is gender-specific.

Please call for information regarding referrals, assessments, or hours of operation.

Our program meets state protocols for domestic violence programming. It is also approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services and local court system. Although participation is voluntary, individuals may fulfill a court mandate by successfully completing this program.

Chicago, IL 60647

3834 N. Cicero Ave.

Many clients are referred by the courts, but referrals from other service providers and self-referrals are welcome. Call 773-427-6357, x357 to schedule an intake assessment. There is generally no wait list for services.

Chicago, IL 60641

You can also send us general feedback and comments here.

-Clients are usually referred by the court system, but some self-referrals are accepted.

Hamdard's Partner Abuse Intervention Program is a group based intervention for male perpetrators of domestic violence. Weekly sessions address topics including respect, trust, negotiation, fairness, non-threatening behavior, honesty, and accountability. The program also provides assessment, anger management, counseling, and abuse prevention services.

Counseling • Anger Management • Mental Health • Domestic Violence Prevention • Domestic Violence Perpetrators

-Fees for the Addison group are $73 for intake and $30 per session (for 26 sessions, plus one week orientation). Fees must be paid in cash.

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Partner Abuse Intervention • Domestic Violence Perpetrators • Domestic Violence Prevention • Intimate Partner Violence

Find behavioral health and social service resources for violence prevention, mental health and/or substance use concerns for youth, adults and families in Chicago.

-There is a $45 per session fee (total cost $1,170). Clients referred by the courts may be eligible for a subsidy: please call to inquire.

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1542 W. Devon Ave.

Chicago, IL 60660

You can also send us general feedback and comments here.

Counseling • Anger Management • Mental Health • Domestic Violence Prevention • Domestic Violence Perpetrators

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Intervention and counseling services for male domestic violence perpetrators ages 18 and older, specializing in services for the Polish community.