Partner abuse intervention program illinois

Invites Applications for the Position of: Social Worker - King County Step-Up Program Apply online at King County is committed to equity and diversity in the workplace. In

The Ohio Psychology Internship Brochure 2014-2015 Ohio Psychology Internship Program Program Philosophy The philosophy of the program is to provide each intern with sequential and graded training through

FAQ s for Defense Attorneys Community-Based Domestic Violence Advocates: A Resource for Battered Women Charged with Crimes The content for this article was developed by a group of attorneys and community-based

Victim Services Programs Core Service Definitions EFFECTIVE MAY 2012 1 P a g e Core Services Overview The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) strives to be a responsible and exemplary steward

Most services at HAS are offered in both English and Spanish. All services are provided in a caring, supportive, culturally competent environment and are completely confidential.

We accept Self-Pay. Services are offered on a Sliding Fee Scale or Payment Plan (based on one’s ability to pay). This program is funded in part by IDHS and/or Cook County.

Chicago, IL 60647

Please call for information regarding referrals, assessments, or hours of operation.

Please call (815) 342-0788 for an assessment in English and (779) 230-0612 en Espanol.

If you are victim of domestic violence seeking help or services please call our Groundwork 24 hour hotline at (815) 729-1228

For more information or questions about the Partner Abuse Intervention Program please contact Donna Plier, Program Manager at (815) 729-0930 ext. 1330 or

Guardian Angel Community Services, Joliet Illinois


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2755 West Armitage Ave.

Most services at HAS are offered in both English and Spanish. All services are provided in a caring, supportive, culturally competent environment and are completely confidential.

Our program meets state protocols for domestic violence programming. It is also approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services and local court system. Although participation is voluntary, individuals may fulfill a court mandate by successfully completing this program.

Chicago, IL 60647

1 Partner Abuse Intervention Programs In Illinois

9 Protocol Compliant PAIPs Listing of compliant PAIPs Section I: PAIPs by City/County Section II: PAIPs and Victim Provider by Judicial Circuit Map Changes Additions/Deletions/Corrections Wide Distribution Administrative Office of Illinois Courts Substance Abuse Providers Department of Children & Family Services Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence Website at IDHS Website

Domestic Violence and abuse Introduction Domestic violence is defined as, any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16

Fact Sheet: Domestic Violence in Filipino Communities July 2012 1. Demographics According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are 3,416,840 single-race, multi-race and multi-ethnic Filipinos of which 2,555,923

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