Partner abuse intervention program training

The ICDVP, Inc. Board has contracted with Continental Testing Services, Inc. to conduct its Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional program. Tests are given twice annually in the Chicago Metropolitan area and in Springfield. The tests are usually offered every February and September, with deadlines to get applications in 4-6 weeks prior to the actual test.

Certification will be applicable for two years, at which time the applicant must renew the certification. In order to renew the certification, the Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional (CPAIP) must complete 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the two year period.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring training is obtained from an ICDVP approved training site and supervision is obtained from an IDHS approved program and by a Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional (CPAIP).

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Guardian Angel Community Services’ Partner Abuse Intervention Program, PAIP, is designed to help individuals in their efforts to develop healthy, mutually supportive relationships and eliminate domestic violence from their lives. Through education and support individuals who have committed acts of domestic violence can learn alternative methods of communicating with their partners and begin to build relationships that allow for open respectful communication and trust.

PAIP is an approved IDHS program.

Please call (815) 342-0788 for an assessment in English and (779) 230-0612 en Espanol.

Anyone who has committed an act of domestic violence is encouraged to join the group.

Since the early 1980s, Duluth—a small community in northern Minnesota— has been an innovator of ways to hold batterers accountable and keep victims safe.

DAIP’s Duluth Family Visitation Center (DFVC) works to restore safety and repair harm in the lives of women and children after abuse. The DFVC supervises visits and exchanges with the child and the parent responsible for the abuse. Our focus is building safe and positive relationships.

Mondays: 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Sundays: 12:00pm to 7:00pm

The program representative did not provide information about research conducted on how to implement Domestic Abuse Intervention Project - The Duluth Model (DAIP).

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project - The Duluth Model (DAIP) directly provides services to adults (regardless of whether they are parents or caregivers) and addresses the following:

The DAIP was designed in 1981 as a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) and includes law enforcement, the criminal and civil courts, and human service providers working together to make communities safer for victims. The DAIP, located in Duluth, Minnesota, includes a 28-week education program for offenders. This model is commonly referred to as the "Duluth Model." The program uses the curriculum Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter, which was developed by the DAIP. Advocates at the DAIP contact the partners of men court-ordered to the program to offer advocacy, community resources, and education groups for women.

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For complete information and registration​,​ please go to this link:

Seating is limited by the auditorium​'s capacity so ​please register as early as possible to guarantee a seat.

The mission of TRANSforum is to provide cutting-edge education and resources to health professionals who wish to improve the quality of care they provide to trans clients. With a focus not only on education but also on community outreach and resource awareness, TRANSforum is designed to educate and connect providers in order to raise the bar for trans health. The conference will also include many networking opportunities to connect with providers who are interested in providing competent and ethical care for trans clients.

40-Hour Domestic Violence &

The Duluth Model is featured in the documentary Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America with commentary from its authors as well as its main critics, such as Dutton. [21]

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project was the first multi-disciplinary program designed to address the issue of domestic violence. This experimental program, conducted in Duluth in 1981, coordinated the actions of a variety of agencies dealing with domestic conflict. The Duluth model curriculum was developed by a "small group of activists in the battered women’s movement" [3] with 5 battered women and 4 men as subjects. The program has become a model for programs in other jurisdictions seeking to deal more effectively with domestic violence. [4]

A 2011 review of the effectiveness of batterers intervention programs (BIP) (primarily Duluth Model) found that "there is no solid empirical evidence for either the effectiveness or relative superiority of any of the current group interventions," and that "the more rigorous the methodology of evaluation studies, the less encouraging their findings." [13] That is, as BIPs in general, and Duluth Model programs in particular are subject to increasingly rigorous review, their success rate approaches zero.

As of 2006 [update] , the Duluth Model is the most common batterer intervention program used in the United States. [2] Critics argue that the method can be ineffective as it was developed without minority communities in mind and can fail to address root psychological or emotional causes of abuse, in addition to completely neglecting male victims and female perpetrators of abuse. [2]

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CPAIP Certification Criteria The ICDVP, Inc. Board has contracted with Continental Testing Services, Inc. to conduct its Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional program. Tests are given